Thursday, 24 July 2008

100 Miles for Nine Smiles raises £25,000!

Congratulations to the Royal Anglian mothers for completing their 100 mile fundraising yomp !!

The Mums all lost sons last year during 1 Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, the Viking's deployment in Afghanistan. They decided to walk the hundred miles from Brookwood Military Cemetery Pirbright, Surrey to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Cambridgeshire to raise funds for the Battalion's memorial to their sons ........ and they did, £25,000!

With the Royal Anglian Regiment's Memorial Fund having reached a massive £317,000, the additional £25,000 will not only ensure that a fitting memorial to the nine Vikings will be built but also that funds will be available to help their friends and comrades who were injured during the conflict.

The monument will take the form of a bronze statue of a Royal Anglian soldier with a plinth for the names of those killed and steps on which wreaths can be laid. It will bear the names of Pte Chris Gray, L/cpl George Davey, Cpl Darren Bonner, L/cpl Alex Hawkins, Pte Tony Rawson, Capt David Hicks, Pte John Thrumble, Pte Aaron James McClure and Pte Robert Foster.

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