Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Take a moment to sign the petitions in support of UK armed forces!

For petitions which have already closed, clicking the link will show the Government's response

Petition requesting that the Government create a dedicated military hospital in the UK for the treatment of servicemen and women injured in the service of their country - closed 19/08/08 with 113,901 signatures

Scrap "Pay As You Dine"
Petition by Parcels43 to scrap the controversial PAYD scheme (closes 16/11/08)

Injured Heroes
Petition to review the compensation awarded to British service men for severe injuries - closed 0n 01/07/08 with 1,448 signatures

Support Our Soldiers - Remove ATM Charges
Petition to demand that banks abolish charges at ATM machines in bases occupied by HM Forces (closes 13/05/09)

Freepost for Armed Forces - closed 01/08/08 with 305 signatures

Gurkha Citizenship
Petition to give all Ex Gurkha soldiers and their families British citizenship on leaving the service (closes 26/11/08)

Support Our Troops - Military Discounts
Petition to encourage shops and businesses to offer discounts to military personnel.

Visit to Basra - closed 14/05/08 with 303 signatures

National Remembrance Holiday - closed 18/04/08 with 531,058 signatures

Waiver MoD charges for charities
Petition to urge the Prime Minister to wavier all MOD charges for charities engaged in assisting serving and former members of the armed forces and their families. (closes 28/09/08)

Priority Housing4XForces - closed 26/05/08 with 363 signatures

Queen and Country
Petition for a set of official postage stamps to commemorate those who have died for their country in Iraq

Forces Wages petition
Petition to urge the Government to give subsidiary pay to frontline British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan - closed 21/08/08 with 2,997 signatures

Red Arrows petition
Petition for the Red Arrows to be allowed to perform at the London Olympics 2012 - closed 17/09/08 with 502,425 signatures.

Petition to reduce/ or free postage for serving soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq - closed 06/07/08 with 3,674 signatures.

Support Forces
Petition to increase defence spending to 5% of GDP per annum for the next ten years (closes 28/11/08)