Friday, 25 July 2008

Government's response to petition for bereaved families to visit the Basra Memorial

The Government has recently announced its response to the petition to allow families of service personnel killed in Iraq to visit the memorial in Basra. The petition closed on 14th May with 304 signatures and the Government's response was:
The Government fully understands the reasons why the families of those who have lost sons or daughters in Iraq want to visit Basra to see the memorial plaques dedicated to their loved ones. The possibility of organising group visits has been investigated by the Ministry of Defence. Unfortunately, the security environment in southern Iraq remains too dangerous to support this at the present time.
UK Forces continue to support the Iraqi Security Forces in their efforts to improve the security situation in Basra and there has been encouraging recent progress in the city. It is hoped that, at some stage in the future, it may become possible to support bereaved families in making a visit.
Our thoughts remain with the families and friends of all those British Service men and women who have tragically lost their lives both in Iraq and elsewhere.

Link> 10 Downing Street: e-Petitions