Monday, 26 May 2008

100 Miles for Nine Smiles

A 100 mile charity walk has been organised by mothers of Royal Anglian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Money raised by the walk will go towards the Regiment's Afghanistan Memorial Fund; originally aimed at raising £100,000, the Fund now stands at over £300,000.
The announcement of the walk comes just ahead of the first anniversary of the death of Corporal Darren Bonner, one of nine soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment's 1st Battalion killed in action. Darren's Mum, one of the organisers of the walk, said: “I want to keep Darren's memory alive and help his friends left behind. This is not just about Darren - there were 30 of them injured on that day alone and many of them are still suffering. Whatever people think of the war, these soldiers are out there fighting for us back home. They were scared to go out there but they knew they had a job to do. That kind of courage deserves recognition. All the boys stood out there side by side, shoulder to shoulder. This is all about helping them all, not just the memories of those who have fallen and are left behind.”
The Nine Royal Anglians who lost their lives fighting in Afghanistan are: Pte Aaron McClure, L/Cpl Alex Hawkins, Pte Chris Gray, Cpl Darren Bonner, Pte Darren George, Capt David Hicks, Pte John Thrumble, Pte Robert Foster and Pte Tony Rawson.
The 100 mile walk will start at Reading on 7th July and will end at the Duxford Imperial War Museum on 13th July.

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