Thursday, 24 July 2008

Army rectifies the failings of UK teachers

For over a decade the Government has been pumping £billions into Britain's schools in order to improve the standard of education of our children. And yet despite the spurious claims of examination boards, not a day goes by without the real world complaining about the lack of basic skills amongst school leavers. Businesses across the country are having to provide basic literacy and numeracy training to their new staff intakes simply because the nation's teachers continue to fail to do what they are being paid by the taxpayer to do: to teach our children.

And just like these businesses, the Army is finding that many of its recruits enter training with literacy or numeracy skills at or below those expected of a primary school leaver and as a consquence is having to run its own Basic Skills training programme. The scheme has proved very successful and trainees, previously let down by their schools, are achieving skill levels well in excess of those required by the Army.

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