Saturday, 1 September 2007

Royal Anglian Regiment - News Archive

03/10/08: Shoebox appeal for our soldiers
27/09/08: Dad of tragic soldier plans fundraiser for Combat Stress
27/09/08: Soldier Emma makes history
20/09/08: Rebuilding our heroes' bodies and minds
18/09/08: Regiment’s memorial match
16/09/08: Anglians campaign through £300k barrier
11/09/08: Service personnel are a credit to all
11/09/08: Car gives war hero a new lease of life
10/08/08: Aaron's family remember their hero
27/08/08: Soldiers send letters of thanks
23/08/08: Famlies united for anniversary of soldiers' deaths
22/08/08: Year of anguish for soldier's family
19/08/08: Poachers praised for role in Iraq
15/08/08: Decorated soldier is Vikings' new CO
13/08/08: Soldiers making all the difference
08/08/08: Poachers help Iraqis clean up Basra city
08/08/08: Veterans mark historic battle
06/08/08: Dad's tattoo is a tribute to hero son John
04/08/08: Regiment has a day to remember
01/08/08: MoD admits liability in soldier-on-soldier assault case
31/07/08: Hero troops guard clean-up workers
31/07/08: I can’t blame soldier for death of my son
31/07/08: Families walk for war victims
30/07/08: Soldier outguns fellow recruits
19/07/08: Soldier loses beauty queen battle
18/07/08: 'Combat Barbie' – next Miss England?
16/07/08: Inquest verdict on Afghanistan soldier
15/07/08: Royal Anglian killed 'unlawfully'
11/07/08: Finchampstead family joins charity walk for fallen heroes
11/07/08: Beauty queen soldier in Miss England final
11/07/08: Basra residents join city clean-up operation
09/07/08: Supporting our servicemen past and present
09/07/08: Soldier's grave plaque is stolen
07/07/08: Mothers set off on memorial walk
05/07/08: Vikings recall being under fire
03/07/08: Nine mums march for sons lost in Afghanistan
03/07/08: Royal cash for charity walk
02/07/08: Mother backs move for soldiers scroll
28/06/08: Service honours Armed Forces dead
27/06/08: School unveils memorial to sniper killed in Afghanistan
25/06/08: City soldier to meet the Queen
25/06/08: Soldier's name added to memorial
18/06/08: Mum's £10,000 mission in memory of Chris
17/06/08: 1200 troops ‘unable to fight again’
17/06/08: Hero's welcome for soldier shot in Afghanistan
16/06/08: MP calls for freedom parade
12/06/08: Residents of Basra receive medical care
12/06/08: Hero sniper receives Military Cross
12/06/08: Mum marches on in memory of soldier son
12/06/08: Soldiers banned from battle by hearing problems
12/06/08: Soldiers honoured by Prince of Wales
10/06/08: Duke of Gloucester visits Ely Cathedral
10/06/08: Royal Anglians' ongoing battle trauma
06/06/08: Royal Anglian soldier honoured
28/05/08: Citizen soldiers primed for action in danger zone
26/05/08: Mums unite to honour fallen sons
15/05/08: Boost for fund for our soldiers
12/05/08: 'We will honour our heroes'
08/05/08: Queen’s medal honour for Afghanistan hero
08/05/08: Soldiers ready for war zone
08/05/08: Ready to face first tour of duty
06/05/08: Call to honour military heroes
03/05/08: Mum's pride as three sons go off to fight side by side
02/05/08: Queen honours the heroes of Helmand
02/05/08: Queen honours our hero soldier
29/04/08: Celebrating 20 years of Lynn comradeship

26/04/08: Luton soldier honoured by military funeral
25/04/08: Army beauty finalist raises her sights
25/04/08: Government confirms troops will go back to Iraq
24/04/08: The Army wife whose husband and three sons are ALL fighting in Iraq
24/04/08: Battalion to be deployed in port city
16/04/08: Luton soldier killed in exercise tragedy
03/04/08: Fireworks farewell to brave soldier
03/04/08: Let us show our support
30/03/08: Proud Anglians on parade in King's Lynn
29/03/08: Regiment's heroes' stories will go down in history
26/03/08: Let me return to Afghanistan
20/03/08: Sure-shot soldier ranked best of the bunch
11/03/08: RA fund set to reach £300,000
10/03/08: Love for a hero
09/03/08: Royal Anglian officer "humbled" by award
08/03/08: A job well done on a distant battlefield

07/03/08: Soldier to receive top honour
07/03/08: Military cross honours Robert's brave battle
07/03/08: Military Cross for our 'fearless' major
07/03/08: Soldiers honoured for heroism
07/03/08: Honours for Norfolk soldiers
07/03/08: Bravery award for British soldier
07/03/08: Honour for British soldier hero
07/03/08: Top honours for the Anglian heroes
01/03/08: Soldiers march through town
01/03/08: Heroes’ Return - Freedom of Entry March
28/02/08: Thurrock welcomes home brave battalion
19/02/08: Ross Kemp: "We should be proud"
10/02/08: Cops snub hero for being white
09/02/08: Mother proud of award
07/02/08: Army Sgt gambled mess funds
02/02/08: AJM - Family speak of birthday pain
31/01/08: Yarmouth - Pride at parade
29/01/08: Royal Anglians to get a parade fit for heroes
28/01/08: Greene King's £1,000 payout to Afghanistan Fund
28/01/08: Yarmouth welcomes soldiers' return
27/01/08: Anglians take the salute at Yarmouth
26/01/08: Great Yarmouth - Support our soldiers
23/01/08: Aaron James McClure - final moments on camera
21/01/08: Royal Anglians grant praise to TV star Ross
14/01/08: Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
10/01/08: Grieving soldier family demand answers
08/01/08: Army recruits sign up 'with eyes wide open'
07/01/08: Ross Kemp's praise for Anglian Regiment
07/01/08: TV star backs Royal Anglian soldiers
06/01/08: TV's Ross Kemp on horrors & heroes of Afganistan
02/01/08: Cash for soldiers
01/01/08: Medal for the best in platoon
31/12/07: Afghanistan Ops boost poppy appeal
28/12/07: Gary plays it smooth
23/12/07: A season muted by loss for soldiers
21/12/07: Norfolk's backing for our troops praised by Minister
20/12/07: Afghanistan victim could join memorial
17/12/07: Anglians' Yarmouth visit will be valuable day
12/12/07: Queen's medal for Iraq hero
12/12/07: A week with the Anglians in Afghanistan
11/12/07: Craig (18) home from war zone
10/12/07: Carols at St Mary's, West Tofts
30/11/07: Students support Royal Anglian Regiment
30/11/07: RG Soldiers return from Afghan frontline
24/11/07: Army head praises region support
24/11/07: Royal Anglians to return to frontline
23/11/07: Thousands salute Anglian heroes
22/11/07: Crowds welcome troops
22/11/07: Poignant return home for troops
22/11/07: Royal Anglians parade
22/11/07: Thousands turn out to honour troops
20/11/07: How thoughts of home boosted morale
19/11/07: Risking their lives to rebuild Afghanistan
17/11/07: Afghan hero up for VC
15/11/07: Royal Anglian heroes honoured

15/11/07: Soldiers awarded campaign medals
10/11/07: Soldiers get free bus travel
01/11/07: Emotional reunion as soldier comes home
24/10/07: Soldiers deserve praise and recognition
24/08/07: 'Friendly fire' kills UK soldiers
16/08/07: Kajaki Vikings - Kings of the hill
14/08/07: Anglians' proud tradition honoured
05/08/07: I could feel the breeze as the bullets went by
27/05/07: Ross v Taliban
10/05/07: Royal Anglians' deadly battle