Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Two Royal Anglians killed in Helmand

The MoD today announced yet more sad news from the Royal Anglian Regiment. Two soldiers from the 1st Battalion were killed yesterday afternoon when they were caught in the blast from an IED which exploded near them.

At the time the soldiers were serving as part of the Household Cavalry Regiment Battle Group tasked with clearing the Taliban from the area around Musa Qal'ah.

Their deaths bring to five the number of Vikings killed since their current tour started last October. A Battle Group commander spoke of the courage these guys have when every day they go out on patrol knowing the dangers they face from IEDs.

These losses are particularly tragic as they come at a time when the Battalion has been so successful in their mission to bring improved security and stability to the local people.

"Their determined courage in the face of the danger from IEDs and the sacrifice they have made will not be forgotten."

MoD: 2 soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment killed in Helmand
The Times: Afghanistan: trio from 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment die in three days