Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Daily Mirror tries to hide its antipathy to Afghan Heroes

A typical labourite response to the bikers' tribute at Wootton Bassett last Sunday was posted on Chris Hughes' blog in the Daily Mirror, that erudite organ of the labour party.
In his article titled "Wootton Bassett Bikers - A Response" he smugly wrote: "Now we've seen it all - hundreds of bikers showing their "solidarity with frontline troops," by trundling their petrol guzzling and fume spewing steeds through Wootton Bassett. I think it's great that they raised more than £100,000 by going on their road trip jolly and that the money will go to our forces.

"But I wonder if someone - just for a change - could set a trend by doing something they hate doing to raise money for good causes. And something that isn't so public and... well.... so annoying?"

I suppose that's the sort of comment you'd expect from the Daily Mirror's "defence correspondent" (actually, he can't make up his mind 'cos he also claims to be the Mirror's "security correspondent"). It shows how the newspaper and those close to the labour party treat with distain those who show respect for, and give support to British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan

Interestingly the link to this article has now been cut; presumably the Mirror didn't want to further prejudice public support so close to an election.

I wonder whether Chris will next be posting an "apology"; I doubt it some how.
19/03/10: I stand corrected; apparently he has now apologised though I haven't been able to find it on the Mirror's website.