Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Royal Anglian Regiment: Viking Family Support Group

It is a very difficult and worrying time for families and friends when their loved ones are away fighting on the frontline in Afghanistan. With the tragic news this week that three members of 1 R Anglian (the Vikings) have been killed, for the families of those Vikings serving out in Helmand the need for mutual support must be stronger than ever.

To help provide this help and support the Viking Family Support Group was set up two years ago by two Mums, Alison & Tracey, whose sons were serving with the Battalion.

The Group's website has a forum which is design to enable all Vikings and their family & friends to have an easy means of communication. The forum also serves to provide a reliable source of information relating to the current activities and deployments of the Vikings, up coming social events and a reliable method of support.

An example of the support the forum has been giving appeared in yesterday's Southend Standard newspaper. Mrs Hughes, whose son Mark is on his first tour with the Vikings’ D Company, explained how much she has been helped by her contacts on the Forum: “We have talked about whether it’s better not knowing about what’s going on, but at least now, we can know and deal with what comes along. You are almost more prepared. Otherwise, I think your imagination would work overtime. When people lose a loved one, the group is very supportive. There is nothing we can really do, but knowing there is this close-knit group which cares, helps a bit.”

Reading the comments in the Standard's article clearly shows the invaluable service that VikingFSG provides.

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