Friday, 17 July 2009

The Nation's Commitment to the Armed Forces Community II: 'Consistent and Enduring Support' - a consultation

The MoD yesterday published its green paper "The Nation's Commitment to the Armed Forces Community: Consistent and Enduring Support".

This aims to build on last year's policy document "The Nation's Commitment: Cross-Government Support to our Armed Forces, their Families and Veterans" by

seeking a permanent shift in the way in which public bodies think about the military community, so that its special circumstances are taken into account at all stages, from policy formation to service delivery.

The MoD is therefore seeking to enshrine the principles of no disadvantage and special treatment where appropriate in all official thinking so that members of the Armed Forces and their families receive fair treatment at all times and are not disadvantaged as a consequence of their military service.

As well as explaining the government's vision for the future delivery of services to the military community, this latest green paper also launches a consultation on how Consistent and Enduring Support can be achieved and on the ways in which recourse could be sought, the so-called "Route for Recourse".

Although the green paper is heavily drenched in typical nuLabour-speak and the sort of jargon we have come to expect from all government documents which start off with a "vision", it does contain some promising and challenging ideas.

Information on the consulation, which ends on 31st October, can be found in the green paper on the link below.

MoD: The Nation’s Commitment to the Armed Forces community: a consultation