Saturday, 18 July 2009

Barbarian Stomp: a classic fundraising march along Hadrian's Wall

Army and Navy servicemen have joined forces to march the length of Hadrian's Wall to raise money for Help For Heroes. To make it more authentic the guys will be marching dressed as Roman centurions complete with helmets, swords, spears and shields - but not sandals as the rough terrain requires proper hiking boots; mind you, carrying a Roman shield for that distance will be quite a feat in itself.

Basing their kit on that of the 4th century Roman army, the Navy will be marching as the 'Classis Britannicus' squad. The Army will be dressed as soldiers from the 1st century.

The 84 mile march will start at 09:00 at the Gateway to Hadrian’s Wall in Bowness on Solway on 20th July 2009 with the squad hoping to cover 20 miles on the first day and average 12-15 miles on the following days finishing at Tynemouth hopefully on 25th July.

Good luck, lads!

If you would like to support this classical fundraising effort, visit the charity website below.

Just Giving: Hadian's Wall Challenge