Friday, 17 July 2009

Muslims get £45,000 for BBC's Luton 'libel'

The Muslim Council of Britain, is set to receive £45,000 as a result of comments made on the BBC's Question Time programme.

The programme was debating the insults hurled by Muslims at soldiers from The Royal Anglian Regiment during their homecoming parade in Luton last March.

During the debate the former editor of the Daily Telegraph said: “I’ve gone to [the MSB] many times, and said will you condemn the killing and kidnapping of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they won’t. Because these wars are in Muslim countries, they will not do this. They do one thing that is perfectly understandable – they are opposed to the war. That is perfectly legitimate. But there is a bigger step that they take, they say it is actually a good thing, even an Islamic thing, to kill or kidnap British soldiers.”

Because of these comments the BBC offered to hand over £30,000 but this has now had to be up'ed to £45,000.

It seems that the state now turns a blind eye to Muslims shouting abuse at British soldiers marching on the streets of England, but is quite prepared to had over £45,000 of taxpayers' money to the MSB for comments made during a political debate.

Now even freedom of speech seems to be the prerogative one section of the community.

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