Sunday, 17 May 2009

British taxpayers provide millionaire lifestyle to Iraqi looters

Our wonderful Labour Government has been happily dishing out £millions of British taxpayers' money to Iraqis who have allegedly been poorly treated in some way or other by British troops.

Last week nine Iraqis, caught looting an aid distribution centre in 2003 and subsequently mistreated by British troops, were rewarded with £1million in compensation.

Um, £100,000 each - that'll do nicely. That's a fortune in Iraq where the average wage is £120 per month. They'll be living like millionaires. Talk about looting!

Compare this with the relatively small levels of compensation the Government has had to be forced to provide to troops who have been seriously injured fighting for their country - millionaire lifestyle, I don't think so!

The reason of course is that Labour politicians are so used to looting the British taxpayers through their expenses claims, that they think there's nothing particularly wrong in it. The compensation they have been paying themselves for the hardship of living in London has also meant that there's no money left for injured troops.

The Telegraph: Iraqi looters awarded £1m compensation