Wednesday, 22 April 2009

''Hooray for Heroes'' by B. Markey

The Royal Anglian Regiment,
Protectors of our nation,
Your selfless heroic actions,
Fill us with elation.

You are one among the many,
Who give us so much pride,
Your honour and your bravery,
No one can deride.

Our forces fight the world over,
Freedom is their goal,
They lay their lives on the line,
Sacrifice their very soul.

When they come home from war zones,
We must thank them for what they've done,
Welcome them with open arms,
They're our heroes every one.

They volunteer their services,
In the war against oppression,
They are special human beings,
Who stand up to all aggression.

Our nation must stand by them,
We must let the sceptics see,
If it wasn't for their bravery,
They would not be free.

So to all of their abusers,
We must make it clear,
Without our forces heroism,
They would not be here.

Where were these protesters,
When dictators ran the show,
Hiding in their corners,
They just didn't want to know.

Because of our democracy,
These people have a voice,
Back in their ancestral homes,
They never had that choice.

If they're so against the west,
Leave and turn out the lights,
But they're just a bunch of hypocrites,
Who prefer our human rights.

Every one should be arrested,
They have given us good reason,
For slandering our brave forces,
'' They Should All Be Charged With Treason ''