Thursday, 23 April 2009

Defence Estates: Delivering solutions to economic needs

Despite the doom and gloom in yesterday's Budget, it would seem that Chancellor Darling can do something right. According to an article in The Sun, he has agreed to bring forward some of the spending plans for improvements to military accommodation: £50million of work originally scheduled to start in two years time will now begin in 2009.
The National Audit Office estimated that at the current rate it would take 20 years to bring living conditions for British soldiers and their families upto "condition 1" - the highest and acceptable level. So this initiative may reduce that by a few months.

These days of course talk is of £billions rather than £millions. If, as he says, the Chancellor is so keen to kick-start the economy then, instead of lining the pockets of his mates the bankers, he should be bringing forward the whole £3billion military accommodation programme thereby helping the construction industry and giving the military the housing conditions they deserve.