Friday, 24 April 2009

Gurkhas betrayed again

I suppose you wouldn't expect this Labour Government to understand what's meant by the term a "debt of honour". The only debt they're interested in is how big a one they can lumber the country with before they're finally kicked into the dustbin of history.

The assertion by the Immigration Minister Phil Woolas that the latest concession being offered by the Government "improves the situation" is the sort of spurious logic that we've come to expect from Labour ministers. Yes, of course it improves the situation - allowing one additional Gurkha veteran to stay in this country improves the situation. What is particulalrly galling is that this cynical and callous comment comes from the Immigration Minister who has been letting hundreds of thousands of economic migrants - coming from God knows where and with no claim at all to live here - into this country every year.

The Government's new set of criteria, which will now have to be met before a Gurkha veteran can come to the UK, have themselves been cynically designed to make it virtually impossible for rank-and-file Gurkha veterans to satisfy.

By failing to respect the debt of honour that is owed by the British people to the Gurkhas and by betraying the veterans and the families of the 45,000 who have laid down their lives fighting with honour and courage for our country, this Labour Government is dragging the rest of us down to their miserable level.

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