Thursday, 23 April 2009

Can you cash a small Czech?

When ordered to launch an attack in support of British troops during fighting in Afghanistan, the commander of a unit of the Czech Republic's elite Special Operations Group is reported as saying "we're not going; its too dangerous". On another occasion they are alleged to have refused to take part in fighting because "too many of them were on leave". Fortunately the Danes were able to fill the gap.

We have already read that German troops in Afghanistan only operate 9-to-5, refusing to leave their bases after dark. And in the Czechs we seem to have another NATO ally who want to keep as far away from the Taliban as they possibly can (until they visit Wenceslas Square, of course).

The Telegraph comments that a contributing factor is that many of our European friends think that the Taliban will be defeated in the playgrounds of rebuilt schools rather than on the battlefield, that their remit is to reconstruct and not to get involved in anything dangerous.

It makes you think what's the use of NATO as a military organisation at all. If the armed forces of certain nations are not reliable, its better that they're not there in the first place.

The Telegraph: Czechs 'abandoned British soldiers during Afghan fight because it was too dangerous'