Sunday, 18 January 2009

Preparing lunch: the Poachers' way

Ask any poacher and he will tell you that, having snared a grouse, the easiest way to kill it is to bite its head off. You then tuck it in your game bag and take it home for the pot.
There aren't many grouse in Iraq. So the guys of 2 Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment (known as The Poachers), had to demonstrate the technique to their Iraqi mentees using a chicken instead.
During their recent six-month tour the Battalion had a key role in the Military Transition Teams (MiTT) teaching Iraqi security forces a range of British Army skills. One such skill is how to live off the land, hence: catch your chicken, kill it, cook it and eat it.

Personally, I would have used a knife ...... but then I'm not SAS trained.

The News of the World: Henimals! Our Basra soldiers bite heads off live chickens