Sunday, 18 January 2009

Armed Forces Day - progress report 2

Following close on the heels of the Defence Minister's rather insubstantial response to a question in the House last week (see below), today's Sunday Telegraph provides more information on the events being planned for the UK's first annual Armed Forces Day taking place on Saturday June 27th. Events already planned range from huge military parades in cities to flag raising ceremonies and fetes in towns and villages.
The MoD said that the theme of the first Armed Forces Day will be "Honouring Britain's Armed Forces: Past Present and Future". It will also be a day for the country to say "thank you" to the members of our Armed Forces who are keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms. An ICM opinion poll conducted for the Sunday Telegraph found that almost 80% of the population supported the call for an Armed Forces Day.
A number of cities have put in bids to have the honour of hosting the main celebration and the winner is going to be announced on Thursday.
Now's the time for the public to get in touch with their local councillors and get them to stage a civic event on June 27th; the day should be recognised in every community across the country.

The Telegraph: Armed Forces Day to be celebrated with hundreds of events around country