Monday, 28 July 2008

Call for more cadet forces in Britain's schools

Peter Morris, chairman of the Swansea Neath Port Talbot branch of Voice (formerly the Professional Association of Teachers) will be calling on his colleagues at this week's annual conference to support the introduction of more cadet forces in Britain's schools. Unfortunately his appeal will fall on deaf ears as Britain's teachers have repeatedly shown their hostility to anything to do with Britain's Armed Forces.
He said: “I am annoyed. I am very annoyed. The reason? Because some of our colleagues in other teaching unions are not supporting the brave and courageous members of our Armed Forces when they visit our schools. For that reason, I welcome the establishment of cadet units in our schools. Society as a whole is becoming less disciplined. I believe that discipline, particularly self-discipline, is an attribute which benefits the whole of society.”

Sadly an organisation so pretentious that it calls itself VOICE is unlikely to gets its head out of its backside.


Just shows how wrong you can be. Delegates at the Voice conference actually voted in favour of more Cadet Forces in schools (see below)

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