Saturday, 2 August 2008

Teachers' union calls for a Cadet Force in every school

I was wrong: some teachers do have some common sense after all.

At their annual meeting last week, members of the Voice trade union (formerly the Professional Association of Teachers) voted in favour of more cadet forces in Britain's schools - in fact they called for a cadet force in every school. Currently more than 130,000 pupils are cadets in England.
Peter Morris, a delegate from Wales told the conference that cadet forces provide structure and discipline "lacking" in many young people's lives. "Cadet forces will inculcate some of the values which we, as a society, are missing," he said. "Self-discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, courage, respect and integrity."
Whether this call will get the support of other teaching unions is however doubtful. The National Union of Teachers, Britain's largest teaching union, is so vehemently opposed to anything to do with the military that at their annual conference earlier in the year they voted to ban the Armed Forces from schools altogether.

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