Thursday, 6 December 2007

Barracks sell-off doesn't fund repairs

Over recent months the government has been quietly selling off to property developers (those great supporters of Hash Brown and the Labour Party) some of the nation's historic military barracks and other premises - Chelsea Barracks, Duke of York Barracks, RMA Woolwich, Princess Mary's RAF Hospital, HMS Deadalus to name but a few.
It is reported that this sell-off has so far netted £2.2billion. This raises several concerns but the big question of course is: Where has all this loot gone?
You would think that the cash would go towards new military accommodation or repairing the delapidated, sub-standard barracks being used to house the troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.
You would think that but then you'd remember we are dealing with Brown and Co. So It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that: No, the money isn't going to improve the living conditions of the troops, it's going to be used instead to offset the additional cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghan. Saves the government from having to ask its Northern Rock chums if they wouldn't mind paying some of the cash back, I suppose.
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