Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Nimrod XV230: Who's to be charged?

The Board of Inquiry into the mid-air explosion of XV230 which left 14 servicemen dead has pointed the finger of blame directly at the MoD.
That this 40 year old plane should still be flying operationally beggars belief; that the MoD ignored repeated warnings about fuel leaks and rejected the manufacturer's advice to install a fire suppressant system is a scandal; and that the servicemen should be made to fly in such unsafe aircraft displays a callous disregard for human life and is downright criminal.
These planes were scheduled to be replaced in 1995 but because of the cutbacks will now not be phased out until 2012.
This is another case of corporate manslaughter and individuals responsible should be brought before a court of law. Our part-time Defence Secretary may say he's sorry and announce yet another public inquiry but you can be sure of one thing: nobody will be found accountable. Like every other cock-up by this government the cause for the disaster will be put down to "systemic" failure and officials will stay in their safe lucrative jobs or pick up a nice little golden handshake.