Tuesday, 23 March 2010

National Trust - National Dishonour

Visitors to the National Trust estate at Wightwick Maner near Wolverhampton have been rightly angered by the Trust's decision to place the war memorials in honour of 36 estate workers on the walls of the public toilets.

What went through the heads of the National Trust managers when they decided that the most fitting place for the two memorial plaques - one to 33 men who died in WW1 and the other to three who died in WW2 - was hanging on the walls of the toilets?

These managers are no better than Philip Laing who was photographed last October urinating on Sheffield's War Memorial. At least Laing had the excuse that he was drunk; what excuse does the National Trust have? ...er..."I'm sorry. I should have sorted this sooner rather than later".

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