Friday, 26 March 2010

2 Royal Anglians return home

Lance Corporal Scott Hardy and Private James Grigg from 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment were killed by an IED in Helmand on March16th. Their bodies were brought home today.

Hundreds of people lined the high street of Wootton Bassett showing respect and grief as the flag-draped hearses carrying the two soldiers drove past.

Of L Cpl Hardy his CO said: "Always ready to see the bright side of life, always ready with banter when the situation allowed it. Mature and unflappable, he was one of those individuals who takes life in their stride He was earmarked to attend

the Section Commanders Battle Course later this year and we expected him to pass with flying colours. His performance leading men in the most demanding of circumstances in Afghanistan was notable - he was steadfast under fire and hugely brave. Blessed by a robust sense of humour, Scott was the first to laugh at life's challenges and keep soldiering on."

And of Pte Grigg, Lieutenant Colonel Woodham said: "He was passionate about soldiering too; he thought himself lucky to have found a job where he could combine the two things that he loved so much. In turn, we think ourselves lucky to have worked alongside him. Friendly, polite and endlessly helpful, he was a real team player that you would want to have on your team. He was reliable - a man you could trust."

Never forgotten

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