Friday, 26 June 2009

Tarian: new armour on show at Defence Vehicle Dynamics

To South Wales Police "Tarian" is the name of its anti-drug Regional Task Force but to the defence industry it's the name of a new textile-based armour system that will give additional lightweight protection against RPGs for such vehicles as Mastiff and Ridgback.

Developed in conjunction with the MoD by the UK subsidiary of US company Amsafe Inc at its factory in Dorset, Tarian is capable of defeating the same threats as existing bar or slat armour, but at significantly reduced weight which allows improvements to the vehicle's protection elsewhere.

The new armour was on show at this year's DE&S's Defence Vehicle Dynamics arms fair at Millbrook in Bedfordshire. Also on public show for the first time were the Army's new dogs of war: Wolfhound, Husky and Coyote Tactical Support Vehicles (TSV). 400 of these are currently in production and should be available to training units later this year. The new TSV fleet will be used to accompany front line patrols and carry essential combat supplies such as water and ammunition.

MoD: Revolutionary armour unveiled at Defence equipment event