Friday, 26 June 2009

Family of Royal Anglian still waiting to know how their son died

It's a national disgrace that after two years the family of Private John Thrumble are still waiting for a date to be set for his inquest - let alone for the inquest to actually take place.

Pte Thrumble, from 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, was killed along with two comrades - Aaron McClure and Robert Foster - back in August 2007.

The MoD are blaming "paperwork" for the repeated deferment of the inquest but this is a pathetic excuse. It is indefensible that a family who have lost their son fighting for his country should be treated in this appalling way.

The MoD are hoping to have a "pre-inquest" hearing in September - so it could well be three years until the family has the answers to how their son was killed.

Southend Echo: Still no inquest date set for John