Saturday, 16 May 2009

Scarborough pulls out the stops for Armed Forces Day

Scarborough will be staging one of the largest events in the country on June 27th with a programme that will reflect both fun and traditional activities of the Armed Forces, including:
> Experience a desert patrol base
> Check out the heavy artillery
> Make your own Top Secret ID badge?
> Paintballing range
> An inflatable assault course
> Climbing walls
> Investigate military vehicles
> A tug of war competition
> Three top military bands
> A marching band

Councillor Tom Fox, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council said: "The council is happy to support this event in giving all Armed Forces personnel the recognition they deserve for the contribution they make, not just to the security of the country and other places but also the well being and humanitarian aid they provide in times of disaster and emergency. They put their lives on the line in so many different ways and in different scenarios that it is important for people to be reminded of just that. We are so keen to ensure everyone can have a real fun day of activities in celebrating all of what they do."

Sounds like a great day.Well done, Scarborough!