Saturday, 16 May 2009

Prudence chooses Eurofighter over frontline troops

So, on the personal decision of Prudence Brown, British taxpayers are going to fork out a further £2billion on Tranche 3 of Eurofighter, a supendously expensive aircraft that the MoD no longer wants, nor the RAF for that matter.

While arms-industry workers and shareholders in Europe (and the US) will be elated that the orders for these unwanted combat-aircraft haven't been cancelled, the guys risking their lives in real, serious bloody combat on the frontline certainly won't.

The £2billion could be spent on the equipment that could save lives and limbs in Afghanistan - body armour, helicopters, the right kind of vehicles, drones and, oh yes, helicopters. But no, Prudence would rather spend our money on aircraft that will probably never be used - they're certainly no use fighting the Taliban. As General Dannatt said: the Government is squandering defence cash on the wrong equipment.

The Telegraph: General Sir Richard Dannatt: 'Government is squandering defence cash'