Monday, 18 May 2009

Mastiff spares war: British Army loses out to US

Hot on the heals of the Vector fiasco comes another story of broken vehicles and shortage of spares. This time its the turn of the much lauded Mastiffs.
Because of the exigencies of the situation in Afghanistan, UK Mastiffs have had to be used in very rugged terrain and this has resulted in a high level of damage to the vehicles.

Unfortunately, owing to the contractural arrangements between NP Aerospace (the UK company that customised the British Mastiffs) and Force Protection (the US Mastiff manufacturer), there have been considerable delays in supplying spare parts to the British forces. This is because under US federal law Force Protection must give priority to the needs of the US military; UK forces must wait in line.

As a result up to a third of UK Mastiffs were out of action last year while the two companies sorted out the supply problem. Meanwhile British troops had to resort to using the less protected Snatch Land Rovers and Vectors.

Good bit of contract negotiation there, then.

Defence Management: A Mastiff row over spare parts