Monday, 18 May 2009

Camp Barry Buddon scrapped: Army training to be privatised?

It may sound like a drag act, but Camp Barry Buddon near Dundee was a training centre long before Lily Savage strutted her stuff on a London stage.

It had been intended that a new £8.5million training centre would be built at Barry Buddon to cope with the growth in the number of recruits expected over the next couple of years.

However, although the number of recruits has been rising sharply in recent months (up 14%) as a result of the recession and Operation Solomon, the powers that be have decided that the new centre can no longer be cost justified.

The cancellation of the project means that existing training facilities will somehow have handle the increase in numbers.

And guess what? The MoD is now thinking of out-sourcing training to the private sector! I don't think even Maggie Thatcher thought of that one!

The Times: Army scraps Barry Buddon training centre despite record recruitment