Monday, 27 April 2009

Roll of Honour - Valuing Valour

If you want to know what makes a hero, then you should read this month's Soldier magazine.
An article called "Valuing Valour" describes the heroic actions that led to the awarding of gallantry medals to 20 soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Incredible bravery. Read their stories.

Lt Col Nicholas Borton, DSO
Maj Nicholas Calder, MC
2nd Lt Alexander Barclay, MC
A/Capt Russell Archer, MC
Maj Russell Lewis, MC
Sgt Stephen McConnell, MC
Maj Robert Armstrong, MC
Maj Adam Dawson, MC
Cpl Shaun Whitehead, MC
Pte Paul Coleman, MC
Capt Graham Rainey, MC
WO2 Gary O’Donnell, GM
Maj John McDonald, MC
Cpl William Owen, QGM
Rgr Alan Owens, MC
Cpl James Cooke, MC
SSgt Stuart Dickson, GM
Capt Liam Fitzgerald-Finch, QGM
Capt Jeremy Crossley, MC
Sgt Paul Richards, MC