Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New hope of justice for Gurkhas

Today's defeat in the House of Commons for the appalling new residency criteria by which Brown, Smith & Co. hoped to minimise the number of Gurkha veterans being allowed to stay in the UK, shows that there is at least some vestige of moral principle amongst our politicians.

However, the righting of this obvious wrong was not so much due to the conscience of politicians as to the years of struggle by the Gurkha Rights campaign and to the groundswell of indignation that was being voiced by the British people.

So, despite the black propaganda being spread by the MoD about residency for all Gurkha veterans costing a ridiculous £1.6billion per year, the Government is going to have to come up with new guidelines.

Lets hope that it will do this soon. The protracted wrangling is doing no good at all to Britain's reputation, let alone to the morale of the Army.