Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Royal Anglian Regiment: 2nd Battalion, The Poachers, Return - Luton

The people of Luton saluted the guys from 2 Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment when they paraded through the centre of their town yesterday.
The Battalion exercised its right to march with fixed bayonets and colours flying having been given the Freedom of the Borough back in 1997.

The Battalion has recently returned from service in Iraq and this welcome home parade was one of several being held during the week in towns in the Battalion's recruiting area. At the parade the commanding officer remarked that the Regiment has strong roots in its home counties and has one of the best recruitment rates in the whole British Army.

The people of Luton made it clear how very proud they were of "their boys" and silenced the ill-mannered barracking coming from our muslim brothers.
And the rain held off until the guys had marched off for a well-earned beer at a nearby hotel.

Well done, The Poachers! Well done, Luton!