Saturday, 17 January 2009

Security: still not one of the MoD's strong points

There was more disturbing news this week about the level of security being provided on the MoD's IT systems.
First off was the report in Tuesday's Telegraph that the MoD was still failing to meet the data security standards laid down by the Government following the 2007 debacle of the loss of 25million child benefit records. In response to a parliamentary question, the MoD admitted that only 27% of its IT systems complied with the new data-security standards. Give the MoD its due, it has a lot of computer systems to assess. It will of course be a lot easier to upgrade the MoD's new monolithic DII system for the security breaches which will inevitably come to light in the future as there'll only be one system to fix; indeed speed of bug fixing was one of DII's big selling points.
The second article was in Friday's Sun which sensationally reported that "experts are battling a computer supervirus that has crippled military intelligence’s email system." Apparently the virus has meant that thousands of MoD computers have had to be shut down. According to GCHQ the bug was introduced by a single official in some part of the MoD empire who was synchronising his i-Pod.

All very worrying.

The Telegraph: MoD's IT systems 'do not meet Government's own standards', audit finds
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