Friday, 10 October 2008

Robert Baldwin Memorial Cup 5th Year raising money for Combat Stress

Mike Baldwin, whose son Robert tragically died while suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, is organising a fifth annual football match in memory of his son and to raise funds for Combat Stress. Robert Baldwin served with the Royal Anglian Regiment in Bosnia in the mid-1990s but his experiences there left him traumatised. Before he died Robert organised the first charity football match to raise funds for Combat Stress and his father has continued the event each year since then raising over £2,000 for the charity.
"Army life was good for Rob when he first enlisted. He enjoyed the time he spent in Germany and Canada, but he experienced things in Bosnia that left him tormented, things he couldn't talk to us about. That's where a charity like Combat Stress is invaluable. Rob said he could actually speak to someone there who really understood what he was going through - and he very much appreciated the work they were doing."
Combat Stress has supported almost 100,000 veterans from every campaign the British Armed Forces have been in since the first world war. It currently has over 3,500 ex-servicemen in its care, including over 200 from the conflict in Iraq.

As Mr Baldwin said: "The work of this charity is essential, it is worth every penny."

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