Friday, 10 October 2008

EDS strikes again!

Not for the first time EDS, the MoD's primary IT supplier, has lost vast amounts of highly-sensitive personal data. This time a hard drive containing information on 100,000 serving military personnel and 600,000 potential recruits has gone missing - names and addresses, passport and driving licence details, doctors' names, religion and possibly also bank details have gone walkabout.
Since the hard drive has gone missing from one of EDS's "secure" areas, it is believed that the data would not have been encrypted.
Despite all the assurances given following previous data losses, EDS's security systems have failed yet again. This is the company which has been walking away with £millions of British taxpayers money for providing the MoD with (guess what?) secure defence and personnel systems!
The MoD (along with other government departments) will no doubt continue to enter into lucrative contracts with EDS, ignoring not only EDS's incompetence but also the harm the company is doing to the morale of British servicemen and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.
One can only wonder why the MoD continues to do business with these cowboys.

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