Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Royal Anglian Regiment: Poachers making it happen in Basra

Lt Col Simon Browne, commanding 2 Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment (The Poachers) has spoken of his pride in the work of his guys in Basra, bringing real improvements in the lives of the residents of the city. "I am so incredibly proud of them. I know the separation is tough on the families that are left behind, but I hope the fact their loved ones are making a huge difference is a small consolation."
Members of the Battalion have been working alongside Iraqi security forces in the Military Transition Teams (MiTTs). These teams provide training, mentoring and support to local army and police units enabling them to gradually take on responsibility for security in the city and the surrounding area.
Praise for the Battalion has also come from the head of Iraqi security forces in Basra: "The arrival of the British is the best thing that has happened to this HQ" and from MP Bob Ainsworth, Minister for the Armed Forces on a visit to Basra: "What the British armed forces have done is the military operating at their very best."

Well done, lads! Stay safe!

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