Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Progress in Basra - MiTTs: Poachers turned game keepers

2 Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment (the Poachers) has been singled out for the significant contribution it is making to bringing peace and stability to war-torn Basra.
The Battalion is acting as one of the Military Transition Teams (MiTTs) operating in Iraq. These teams work within Iraqi Army and Police units, providing them with the training and assistance which will enable them to look after their own country's security in the future.
The British Army says that "Basra is a changed city: in only a few months the Iraqi 14th Division supported by UK mentors has transformed the security situation, driving out the militia and bringing a new sense of freedom to local people."
OC 2 Battalion, Major Bev Allen said: "The changes are down to the expertise of the coalition trainers together with the professionalism of the Iraqi soldiers." His soldiers report that there has been " a quantum leap in and around the market areas with people going about their daily business without fear".
The Minister for the Armed Forces praised the work of the MiTTs as "the Military operating at its very best".

The Poachers: Making it happen!

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