Thursday, 29 May 2008

Service Personnel Command Paper: The Royal British Legion's response

As Saturday's deadline for the receipt of submissions on the Government's Service Personnel Command Paper approaches, the Royal British Legion has published its response to the consultation.
The Command Paper is aimed at providing a framework for directing future initiatives to improve the support given to members of Britain's Armed Forces, their families and veterans. The framework covers a whole range of issues - accommodation, education, medical care, families, veterans and widows welfare, BOIs/inquests, pay and allowances, recruitment and retention, training and Commonwealth soldiers.

The Legion's response is really excellent and comprehensive. How much the Government actually takes on board, though, is another matter. Over recent years I've grown pretty sceptical about consultations; they just seem to line the pockets of consultants with little sign that the views of the consultees are listened to. Let's hope it's different this time.

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