Thursday, 29 May 2008

Garrison Radio: Army Radio News

With correspondents in the British Army's biggest UK garrisons and around the world, this is Army Radio News
- so opens the daily news report from Garrison Radio's Army Radio News.
Originally set up at Catterick, Garrison Radio now broadcasts on FM and AM from Aldershot, Colchester, Edinburgh and Salisbury Plain. "The Garrison FM service offers an eclectic mix of popular chart music and Army News relevant to both its local civilian and Army communities. Garrison Radio both entertains and informs and does so to not just the military and its families, but to the wider community in which we live too."
Although when I tried to listen to it on the internet and clicked on the "Hear Garrison Radio online" button, all I got was what sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks from the Sixties, Army Radio News itself came across loud and clear.
Today's main story is an upbeat account of progress in Afghanistan both in operations across Helmand and in the work the troops are doing building up good relations with the local communities. Lt Col Robin Mathews, Taskforce Helmand's spokesman in theatre, particularly praised "the efforts of young British soldiers, 18 years old and recently out of training, operating in pretty ferocious temperatures and difficult conditions throughout Helmand".