Sunday, 4 May 2008

Royal Anglian Regiment: Band of Brothers

Three brothers from the same battalion are to be deployed together to Iraq. Corporal John Rawdon, 26, Corporal Erik Rawdon, 22, and Private David Rawdon, 18, are in 2 Battalion Royal Anglians, stationed in Celle, Germany, and will fight together on a six-month tour of duty. The Rawdon brothers signed up with The Poachers straight from school. John served in Afghanistan in 2002 and Erik has already fought in Iraq in 2006 but this will be David's first tour. The Ministry of Defence said it could not recall another time such a famliy group has been deployed together.
Their Mum, Melanie Rawdon, said: "I told them to look out for each other, but I didn't need to. I asked them just to keep their heads down and do the best jobs they can, but we don't want any heroes - just each one home safely."
The Battalion leaves for the Gulf later this month.
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