Monday, 5 May 2008

Government finds £25m for Headley Court

Part-time Defence Secretary, Des Browne is set to announce a major investment at Headley Court, the tri-service Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Epsom, Surrey. A £25million cash injection is being promised that will provide additional start-of-the-art facilities for the treatment of Britain's war casualties - new wards, neurological lab, prosthetic limb workshop, the latest high-tech equipment.
The emergency medical treatment provided these days at frontline field hospitals is of such a high calibre that the lives of many more seriously injured soldiers are being saved. This has however meant that the recovery and rehabilitation facilities back in the UK have become increasingly stretched. According to The Sun not only have patients had to be turned away from Headley Court but the MoD was even having to consider closing the Centre altogether due to a shortage of cash.
The cash however has now been found; a small amount compared with the £billions given to Labour's friends in the City. The Government has been forced into this change of mind by the strength of public opinion disgusted that injured troops were having to rely on the financial support from charities. Hopefully we can expect a lot of these u-turns following nuLabour's disastrous performance at the local elections.

Link> The Sun: Hero victory for Sun's campaign