Monday, 5 May 2008

Armed Forces to be flower powered

Turning all three Services “green” was one of a number of new defence targets outlined by Paul Stein, the MoD’s science and technology director, to the Royal Aeronautical Society at their "The Way Forward - Enabling the Future" conference last week in London.

Whilst it may be politically correct to be seen to be reducing the Armed Forces' carbon footprint, the wish to reduce both the Forces' rising annual fuel bill (currently about £400million) and the dependence on unstable Middle East fuel supplies are also significant drivers behind this innovative programme.

Some concepts being kicked around for possible future development are solar-powered unmanned fighter aircraft, algae-ignited missiles, tanks powered by weed oil and warships fuelled by plant extract.
It all gives a whole new meaning to the term biological warfare.

Link> The Times: Solar power, weeds and algae to fuel armed forces of future