Wednesday, 7 May 2008

'Beat the Dog' Fundraiser: let slip the dogs of war

"See how far you can get trying to outrun a military attack dog" - that's the challenge handed out by the Military Working Dogs Section at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The 'Beat the Dog' competition is all about raising funds for the Help for Heroes campaign and the winner will be the one who gets the furthest before being taken down.
The victims, politely referred to as intruders, don a protective bite-suit and helmet before starting their attempt. Under starter’s orders, the victims who have a substantial head start are released. Simultaneously, the Army handler advances and releases their dog. Running in what can only be described as a sumo suit, it is only a matter of time before the dog catches its victim. Hauling them to the floor and having a good chew on their sleeve.
I assume the fundraising bit is by sponsoring the contestants for the distance they cover.
The Dog Section based in camp Bastion provides handlers and dogs that work in Helmand Province, Kandahar and Kabul. Military Working Dogs are trained in a variety of tasks from searching for arms and explosives to protecting bases, equipment and personnel.