Wednesday, 7 May 2008

4 LANCS - A day in the Life - the TA in Kabul

An article in today's MoD Defence News gives us an insight into the work of 34 TA soldiers from 4th Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment during their deployment in Kabul.
Kingsman Jonny Wynn, aged 24, a forklift driver from Carlisle, said: "The best part of the tour is the patrols on foot, meeting people. You feel appreciated as the locals all say that seeing us on patrol keeps the insurgents and the local criminals away from their homes. Us Brits are one of the few nations that patrol on foot here and I can see why we do - you learn a lot more from the locals and they respect you a lot more for it."

And we respect you guys too!

Link> MoD Defence News: TA soldiers in Kabul - A day in the life