Thursday, 1 May 2008

AFF: Retention issues from the family’s perspective

Just as the House of Commons Defence Committee is conducting its own review and consultation on Armed Forces recruitment and retention, the Army Families Federation has just carried out its own survey Retention Issues from the Family’s Perspective.
Although 50% of respondents to the AFF survey found that Army life was better that expected, 46% said they would be happier if their spouse was not in the Army. Asked to rate which aspects influenced their decision, the responses were
  • 31% relationship with spouse
  • 26% children's education
  • 20% housing
  • 19% your career/employment
  • 4% your education

Respondents also commented that increasing deployment frequency and length would be a deciding factor as well. Presumably the Defence Committee will be taking on board the findings of the AFF survey.

Link> AFF: Retention Issues from the Family’s Perspective
Link> Defence Committee web forum on recruitment and retention