Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Contract signed for Land Environment Air Picture Provision system

A £100million contract has just been signed between the Ministry of Defence and Lockheed Martin UK's Team Athena for the Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) programme which will provide troops on the ground with "a new level of situational awareness". LEAPP provides commanders on the ground ‘decision-quality’ data in near real-time which they can use to co-ordinate and plan effectively. By giving a detailed picture of activity in the air showing the location of allies in relation to opposing forces, it reduces the chances of 'friendly fire' incidents and ensures commanders get the most from their available equipment.
The LEAPP system links ground-based sensors and airborne early warning and control systems with equipment mounted in a Viking all-terrain vehicle and is highly mobile allowing it to be moved quickly around the battlefield.
Saab has also just signed a £30million contract with Lockheed Martin to supply five Giraffe AMB multi mission 3D radar systems which will be integrated into the LEAPP system.
The total system is due to enter service in 2012.
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