Thursday, 3 April 2008

Army cadets attacked in Birmingham

So now anti-war protestors have started attacking youngsters. A cadet group in Birmingham are not only having to put up with verbal abuse but are having stones, bricks and fireworks thrown at them by gangs of local youths. Needless to say the police are doing little about it - probably because they scared of being accused of infringing the human rights of this low-life. The Government is meant to be encouraging the wearing of uniform in public; you can see why people are reluctant to do this when they get little support when they need it from the police.
A Sergeant in the Cadet Force said: "Often the youths throw oral abuse at us and nearly all the time they refer to the army and that we are killing their brothers and their families overseas". These immigrants should be the ones being kicked out of the country and sent back to join their families overseas, not Gurkha veterans!

Link> Birmingham Mail: Thugs attack Birmingham army cadets