Sunday, 2 March 2008

Army wife, Samantha Crozier, faces deportation

Last week we heard how the Labour Government was doing its upmost to force the families of Gurkha soldiers to leave the UK, before that it was the interpreters who had served the British Army in Iraq who were being denied safe haven in Britain, now the Canadian wife of a serving British soldier is facing deportation from the UK.
Samantha Crozier married L/Cpl Andrew Crozier four years ago when he was serving in Canada and they now have two children both of whom are British citizens. The family has returned to the UK from Germany where Andrew had been serving with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Now, because of a technicality in her citizenship application, Sami is being forced to return to Canada from where she will have to make a new application. She will be parted from her children and without financial support.
It's well known that nuLabour is hostile to the Armed Forces but this petty behaviour is simply vindictive. For the last 10 years this Government has been letting immigrants from all over the world walk into this country without any hindrance. Yet the wife of a serving British soldier is denied citizenship. Lets also not forget that it is Canadian troops who are fighting alongside our guys in Afghanistan - not the Romanians, not the Hungarians, not the French, not the Indians. I can imagine how pleased our Canadian allies will be to hear about this.
Fortunately the Crozier family has the support of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) and a Facebook group has also been set up to petition the Government to allow Sami to apply for full citizenship while she is still in the UK. Some politicians are also lending their support. The Liberal Democrat Defence spokesperson Nick Harvey said: "Like all Armed Forces families, the Croziers have made huge sacrifices in the service of this country. For the government to claim that they have no right to be here is cruel and ungrateful in the extreme. We have a duty to ensure the welfare of this family."
The Ministry of Defence, as you would expect, is doing its Pontius Pilate bit and saying "It's nothing to do with us, it's a Home Office matter". Well, Des, it is something to do with you.....get it sorted!

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